Photo-A-Day #1682

We took our time getting going this morning. Eva slept a good 12 hours so she actually let us sleep for once. We lounged around the house for the morning and played with Eva watched some PBS Kids shows that Eva loves and then got ready to go for breakfast.

Breakfast brought us back to Cafe Loco and Harlow Farms. Today Allison got her favorite meal which was the Long Boat Key which is an omelet with bacon and avocado. I went ordered a Michael Muffin again (my favorite) and we got a Pumpkin Walnut muffin to split with Eva. Eva was very funny she saw the table that we were at yesterday and couldn’t wrap her head around people sitting there. She kept asking why a woman was sitting in mommy’s seat. She finally did relax on that point and we enjoyed our breakfast. The cafe is small and most people are repeat visitors so there are many regulars. You are also encouraged to share tables. We shared with a nice man who tried to talk a little to Eva but she was having none of it. She was more interested in her doll than anything else this morning.

After breakfast we walked around the farmstand and picked up some fresh cranberries for Tara as well as some carrots. We also got a pound of popcorn and planned on popping some tonight when we got home.

Sunshine Smile

After breakfast we went back to the house to pack up, clean up and head out. We did that and went back by Sweet Maple Alpacas because the website says they were open on Sundays. They were not. However, they said that we could look at the Alpacas from the fences and Eva liked that very much. She really enjoyed the Alpacas and loves to say “alpaca”. I liked them too, they were like very cute llamas and not as intimidating. We hung around there for a while and then decided to head for home.

Allison & Eva with Alpacas

It was a wonderful weekend overall with a nice break from being stuck to the computers and a change of scenery was also great. Thanks for the use of the house Tara.

Allison, Eva and Baby (Wendy)

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4 Responses to “Relaxing Weekend Away (Part 2)”

  1. Jeff says:

    Wow, these pictures are amazing. I think that its a good thing to take pictures especially at this stage just for keepsake. When they grow old.. and look back, they will enjoy looking at pictures when they were young and remember the good old days! At the same time, taking pictures is a lot of fun.

    • Drew says:

      Thank you Jeff,

      I know that Eva’s going to have quite the collection of keepsake photos since we take so many of her all the time.

      P.S. I see that you didn’t read my comment policy. That is okay this time, I made the necessary adjustments to the comment.

  2. Mo says:

    I love these pictures! It looks like you had a wonderful family weekend:) Alpacas are really cool-there was a farm by Saint Joe’s where I used to work that I passed on my way in and there was one alpaca (I named it Tina…as in “eat your ham!”)
    .-= Look at what Mo wrote blog ..motarpey: RT @BenSpark schooled me with the Affiliate Outline | Everyday Pictures… Every… Day – =-.

    • Drew says:

      Cute about the Tina thing. We did have a very nice weekend. It was nice just to completely close it down on the tech front.

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