Rental Car SOS

In my job I rent cars at least five or six times a month. And now I make sure that the car I choose has one very special accessory. It must have the auxiliary jack for the radio so that I can listen to my iPod as I ride in style. And ride in style I do, well not that often. Sometimes I get a Pontiac G6 and I like driving those. Sometimes I get a Chrysler 300 and that is a pretty sweet car to drive especially if it has all of the latest Chrysler 300 accessories. Many times that includes the auxiliary jack.

My car does not have one of those jacks but I am going to make sure that my next one does or make sure that I buy the right radio to work with my iPod. Because, when I end up driving mile after mile passing fields and getting static I really wish I could listen to some of my favorite podcasts.

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