Duncan the victor

Rescue Bots, Fall In

Photo-A-Day #2519

After I dropped Eva off at school I ran over to Target to poke around. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had some new Transformers Prime figures (Bumblebee, Wheeljack and Cliffjumper). I picked those up for me and then went to the Dentist.

While at the Dentist I talked with the hygienist about Skylanders. Her fiance, nephew, future Brother-in-law and future father-in-law all play the game. She’s staked out Toys R Us on Tuesdays to get the new figures and has even played once or twice. We exchanged tips and tricks about the game and I’m glad I know the delivery day. I guess I can call the store and see if Skylanders are supposed to be shipped and luckily for me I can be there at TRU at 10am when they open to see if I can find specific figures. We’re pretty much at a complete set (for what has been released minus the special variant stuff) but we are missing Empire of Ice with Slam Bam. I keep looking for that one everywhere.

I looked all over and also checked out some TVs. Got close on one but the price is still too high. While looking around a second target I ran across the Transformers Rescue Bots character, Blades. He’s a helicopter and one of the last two figures from the show (we’re still missing Boulder). Blades seems to be Eva’s favorite character and she was so excited to get him. She’s always asking me to tell her Blades and Dani stories (she’s a character from the show but not a figure to play with). It is weird that the show has different characters than the play figures. I wonder if the show was originally supposed to be something a bit different. I like how it has been so far. I guess the new toys are finally hitting the shelves because the shows are now running new episodes finally.

Tonight we had a little adventure. We have two cats. You might remember them from very early on with Photo a Day since they were subjects of many photos before the kids came along. Well, Allison and I were watching Psych on the DVR and I hear Allison’s voice go up two octaves and tell me that Oliver had a mouse in his mouth. I got up to investigate and sure enough he had a mouse. Duncan was stalking them and he wanted that mouse. So, I had to figure out what to do. I’m not about to grab a mouse from a cat and risk getting bitten by a hungry, angry feline. I knew the mouse was playing dead too and I didn’t want to risk Oliver or Duncan dropping the mouse. So I tried to herd the cats into the kitchen and get Oliver into the mud room. Well, after Oliver bolted upstairs with his prize with me and Duncan in pursuit we eventually got to the kitchen where Oliver lost the mouse and Duncan came up with it. We eventually got him into the mud room where he sat there with the mouse in his mouth staring us and Oliver. Oliver glowering and growling at Duncan. I left him there for a couple of commercial breaks and when I cam back once he was happily crunching on that mouse, no evidence of it seen but Duncan was crunching happily. I came back a while later to clean up what he vomited up. I figured that is what would happen. He’d chew up the mouse, puke it up and I did not want to find that anywhere in the house.

So the question remains, is that the last mouse we are going to see for a while? Hmm.

Duncan the victor

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