Eva at Fortune House

Eva is 10 months old and we have taken her to restaurants practically from the time she was born. She loves being at the table with everyone when we are eating and now she even tries a little bit from our plates.

I’ve heard horror stories from friends who have had to leave restaurants because their kids have lost their minds and screamed and yelled and thrown things. We are determined not to let that happen and so we take measures to prevent this. So here are the things that we do to keep Eva on an even keel at a restaurant.

1.) Timing – When we go out we try and do so when it is mealtime for Eva. We take food and her sippy cup with us for her water. While we eat we also feed her. This keeps her occupied and satisfied.

2.) Preparation – We always have our Baby Sherpa Diaper Backpack with us and with the backpack we have everything we need for a good time at the restaurant. We pack her food, bowls, spoons and bib. We make sure that we also have a container of Gerber puffs or cheerios.

3.) Seating – Restaurants have all different types of high chairs and we avoid them. Early on we sat Eva in one, because she was doing so well sitting up, but we had to stuff a purse in it as well because she is so petite. So we went out and picked up the Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat this has been a godsend. We use it when we go to the Cape, to restaurants and wherever. It provides Eva with a seat at the table. Being at the table and included in the meal is important. She is learning to be a part of the family as we eat together.

4.) Entertainment – Again the Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat was the perfect solution, there is a snap in piece with activity items that Eva can play with when she is done eating. Everything snaps together and is pretty compact. It can also strap to any chair.

5.) Snacks – Once your child is into finger foods a container of Cheerios or Gerber puffs are perfect after dinner items or if your child has already had dinner they are perfect distractions.

So, keep the kid fed, involved, entertained and amused and you ‘ll have a nice time at the restaurant. Individual results may vary.

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No Responses to “Restaurant Tips”

  1. shelby says:

    Guess who’s going to have the best day at the beach on Saturday, with Auntie!!! Yeah!

  2. BenSpark says:

    She is looking forward to the weekend, I am sure of it. Also we will leave you guys the seat so you can use that if you take her anywhere.

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