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Photo-A-Day #1950

I was looking on Twitter today and saw a blogger mention another blogger and so I followed to find out more about that blogger and further down the rabbit hole I went. However, in my travels I discovered a new Droid App called Retro Camera. It is free and it uses your existing Droid camera to photograph using 4 different retro cameras. Today’s Photo is using the Pinhole setting. Like most camera related programs on the Droid this is wicked slow. But, once the photo is done it comes out looking pretty funky.

One cool thing about using the Retro Camera is that subjects that you have shot thousands of times before are suddenly new and exciting again. I mean, I’ve taken shots of the cats over and over and over again. This one is different and new because of the old look and feel of it. I’ll use this app from time to time, maybe for cool fun photos of friends or for other reasons, who knows that I will come up with.

Photo Information

Date Taken: August 10, 2010
Camera: Retro Camera Android
Model: The Pinhole
Exposure: N/A
Aperture: N/A
Focal Length: N/A
Flash Used: No

Today I found a video that I am part of. It was a video that I did for Collective Bias about Whrrl. It is a fun little video where I had Allison shoot me and then I uploaded it (repeatedly) for another member to work on. For some reason the video was so large, it was probably because it was HD from my KODAK Playsport. Check it out.

Speaking of videos that I am in. I finally was able to make the videos from the ones I shot at the Lightning Talks that we did for WordPress Providence. I probably should have had one camera pointed at the screen because you don’t get the full effect. Live and Learn.

WordPress Providence Lightning Talk – Drew Bennett from BenSpark on Vimeo.

Drew Talks about 4 Must have Photo Plugins for WordPress.

.If you are interested in more about what I am talking about in this video check out this post from Blogging 4 Must Have Photo Plugins for WordPress.

And now speaking of Blogging I wrote a post today titled: BANG! POW! BLOG LIKE A COMIC BOOK!. That post was something that hit me during one of my training sessions this past week. You know, when my mind wanders off on its own to follow butterflies and such. Well, instead of just daydreaming it I wrote down the idea. I’m trying to do more of that.

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