Retro Sunflower

Photo-A-Day #1951

I know, using the same sort of title and the Retro Camera app again. This time however I am using a different camera option called the Baerbl. I like the look of this one too especially when coupled with the brownish sunflower. It really completes the look. However the focus automatically went to the leaves and beyond. Then my cell phone died, so I only got one shot at that.

Today I was finally able to upload the videos from WordPress Providence Lightning Talks. I added mine to yesterday’s post but added all the rest to Vimeo and also to the WordPress Providence Blog. The next event is Tuesday August 31st and we’re having something all day and then the regular meetup that night. It is going to be a great event. Amanda Blum will be giving 6 free hours of WordPress 101 training and then following it up with a session on Sitemapping at the Meetup.

Photo Information

Date Taken: August 11, 2010
Camera: Retro Camera Android
Model: The Baerbl
Exposure: N/A
Aperture: N/A
Focal Length: N/A
Flash Used: No

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