Review Air Hogs Sky Stunt Plane

The Air Hogs Sky Stunt Plane and Remote

I received an Air Hogs Sky Stunt, Stunt Plane to play with and review. I took it out a couple of times into a large field and once in my backyard to see how it worked. Opinions of those experiences are 100% my own.

This was a toy that I saw in the store and I requested from my contact at Spin Master. I really wanted to check out this plane and fly it. We have a very large field at a park near our house and this is the perfect toy for that location. Here is a quick video about my experiences flying the Sky Stunt.

As you can see from the video I am not the best pilot. I’m learning how to become better at this. I had to play with the trim to get the plane to fly straight and to respond to my commands. I still haven’t completely figured that out. Each time I’ve flown the plane I’ve gotten it stuck into a tree.

Stuck in a Tree

My very first flight the plane zoomed out of our yard right into the neighbor’s and into our tree, but on their side. The second time I took the plane out was to that field and I got it stuck in a tree and used a Sky Ball to get it down, and lost the Sky Ball. The third time I took it out I got it stuck in the largest tree in the park, near the top but as you can seen from the video I just gunned the engine and got it to come down. That was lucky.

The Remote Control

Flying the plane is pretty simple. There is the throttle stick and the directional stick. There is also a trim knob and a stunt button. So far I’ve only been able to accomplish the banking stunt. The plane will do loops and corkscrews but I haven’t kept it in the air and out of trees long enough to accomplish that.

The Sky Stunt Plane

The plane itself is a lightweight foam body with a motor and rudder. Repairs to the plane can be made with clear tape. The plane came covered in a few strips of tape. My plane has taken a ton of dings and crashes and bumps and still flies great. I see very little damage to the plane after my tree related incidents. The plane also comes with two replacement propellers.

The Charging wire is inside a compartment on the remote control

The plane charges from the remote. I haven’t timed how long it takes to charge the plane but it is not too long. The charge lasts for about 10+ minutes of flight. I haven’t timed that either because I have flight, crash, flight, crash, flight crash, tree and that is hard to calculate overall flight time. I like how the wire is hidden under this cover. Air Hogs has come up with very ingenious ways to hide the charging cables on their remotes.

The Charging Connection on the Stunt Plane

The charging plug is inserted on the underside of the plane. That is also where the on/off switch is. If I had one problem with this toy it is the same one I have with every other remote controlled flying or driving toy, the charge just is not long enough. Just when I start to get the hang of it I have to stop and charge the plane again and then go back and sort of relearn. I just wish that the technology would advance more so that these toy’s charges could last longer.

Charging the Stunt Plane

So, I’ll charge up the plane for another go and hope that my luck against plane eating trees continues to hold.

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