Review and Giveaway: Flying Heroes

Superman Flying Heroes

We were sent a Superman Flying Heroes toy from The Bridget Direct to check out and review. We are also giving away one Flying Heroes toy to a lucky reader. As always, the opinions expressed here are 100% our own.

When I got the Superman Flying Heroes toy it was rainy and overcast and stayed that way for a few days. Finally we got a nice day and I could take the kids to the park so we could see how high this toy would fly. I was afraid that it would zoom straight up into our trees or onto the roof of the house. I didn’t need to worry.

Superman is poised to take flight

The toy is actually pretty nice, good features and Superman looks great, very iconic. The part that you “grip and rip” was made for smaller hands than mine. This is a kids toy that we are talking about here. However, being smaller it made it awkward for me to hold. My kids had no trouble holding the toy though.

Flying with Superman Flying Heroes

The toy does fly a few feet above your head. What you see in the photo above was probably the highest the toy got. I ripped the heck out of the pull string and held the toy straight and got a few seconds of flight out of it. The kids liked chasing it around and tried to catch it as it came back down.

Faster than a speeding toddler

My son enjoyed walking around with Superman and lifting him up on the launcher. He couldn’t launch him, mind you but he was having fun trying.

Eva tries the Superman Flying Heroes Toy

MY Daughter had better luck but just couldn’t get the concept of holding the launcher straight and pulling the string. Occasionally the string would jam. It didn’t pull smoothly each time, but it didn’t stay jammed and usually a second pull would get Superman launched. The toy is for ages 4 and up, my daughter is 5. I’m glad that Superman’s cape is made out of soft foam. Eva spun it around right into her face, near her eye, and she was fine. The cape is very soft so it isn’t going to hurt when your kid accidentally spins the man of steel into their head.

Here is a Demo of the Flying Hero in motion from The Bridge Direct YouTube page.

Overall I enjoyed the toy. The kids loved it and it was fun to get them out on the field to run around and chase Superman. I would had liked to have seen the launcher be bigger for adult hands and the little plastic part that connects the hero to the launcher be just a little bit longer and deeper so that it sat more firmly on the launcher. I felt like Superman was tipping to one side or another and on a few launches he did go soaring to the right or the left right into the ground. But, he’s none the worse for wear.

Here is the blurb from The Bridge Direct about the Flying Superheroes toys.

The most iconic superhero characters are taking flight with the new Flying Heroes action figures! With a quick pull from the launcher, kids will be able to unleash their favorite superheroes and watch them FLY like never before. The Fall 2013 collection features three of the most popular superheroes – Superman, Batman and Spider-Man. For Ages 4+, SRP $16.99

I’ve seen Superman in stores but am offering one as a giveaway so you can say Up, Up and Away. Enter Below.

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