Review: Ben 10 Toys from Playmates

Andrew with Ben 10 Toys
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We received some Ben 10 Toys from Playmates Toys for free to play with and review. Opinions of these toys are our own. affiliate links are also included in this post

Ben 10 is a television series that has been around since 2005 in various incarnations. Most recently Ben 10 has seen a revival recently in the fifth iteration of the series. This latest series is loosely based on the original and is for younger viewers. It does have many of the same actors and actresses in the voice cast. There are a bunch that I like a lot. The thing is, I have never seen an episode before I started writing this. In fact I just watched the first episode of the original series and not even the first one of this new series. Andrew was the one to discover Ben 10 all on his own.

Maybe it was because I was working in the other room too often last year or maybe he saw a commercial while watching another TV show however it happened he made his first real TV pick. I’m pretty excited because this is actually a fun show and it is something that he is excited about. I have tried getting him to watch some of the old stuff from when I was a kid. He wasn’t having an of it. With Ben 10 he’s already got the lore and vibe of the show down. He was so excited to open the toys from Playmates.

Heatblast Upgrade CannonBolt and the Deluxe Omnitrix

Andrew had actually asked me for the Deluxe Omnitrix. He’d seen Ben 10 on the show using this device to become one of the 10 aliens and e wanted to role play that as well. He was so thrilled to put it on for the first time. The device is pretty cool. It lights up green when he is one of the aliens and he can switch between all 10. There are even additional sounds for each alien. Then there the lights turn red which indicate that the time or power ran out and he had to become Ben again.

New Figures and Deluxe Omnitrix

When I went to Blogger Bash the Sweet Suite box arrived with the Basic Heatblast figure inside. Andrew was so excited. However, he could not have it right away because he had misbehaved. The kids can only work with me on these reviews if they have had good behavior. Andrew acted out in karate class and so I could not let him play with Heatblast right away. However, he had a better day later in the week and he was so excited to get Heatblast as his own. He told me all about Ben 10 and the story of the show. So, when I was asked to review additional Ben 10 toys I jumped at the chance. These are well done toys. I have been very pleased with what Playmates does with the Franchises I love. Voltron and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles come to mind and I am always a YES when asked to review something from Playmates. These Ben 10 figures look TV show accurate and have a decent amount of articulation for basic figures. They are poseable and can stand on their own, a few joints move as well. Andrew wanted to play the show immediately. He doesn’t often do that with other toys. This show has captured his attention and he has found his first set of toys that he truly feels are his own.

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