Eva with Katie Emily her Cabbage Patch Kid

Review: Cabbage Patch Kids

Eva with Katy Emily her Cabbage Patch Kid

Back in the 80’s when I was a kid there was a doll that caused pandemonium in the toy aisle all over the country. That doll was the Cabbage Patch Kid. They were simultaneously incredibly hard to find yet everywhere at once. The news showed people in stores fighting over them, lotteries being done to sell them to the large crowds of people interested in having this very hot toy. The Cabbage Patch craze was everywhere.

Cabbage Patch Kid

My grandparents would drive to Florida every year during the 80s and they would hit stores like Kmart, Bradlees and more in order to find Cabbage Patch Kids for my sisters. They always got me Transformers and for that I am grateful. So my sisters had their Cabbage Patch Kids and they enjoyed playing with them. My wife Allison had one too and she still has it. Now Eva has one of the brand new Cabbage Patch Kids, Kids. These new Cabbage Patch Kids have lighter heads (original CBKs had heavy heads), updated hair styles and new clothing. They still have the signature, um well, signature on their tush and you still adopt them. However, instead of mailing in the adoption papers you register the adoption online.

Cabbage Patch Kid Birth Certificate and Adoption Papers

So now Eva has her new Cabbage Patch Kid, Katy Emily. She’s thrilled by the doll and is now playing with not only the new doll but the one that Allison used to have as well. We read the little card about the doll and the things that she likes are spot on for Eva. It is uncanny. Also with a Cabbage Patch Kid you can download a little movie as well. And there is something called Connecting Generations that kids and parents can use to create a family tree with their Cabbage Patch Kids.

Disclosure: We were provided with a Cabbage Patch Kid to review. The opinions of the Cabbage Patch Kid are 100% ours.

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  1. I can remember these kind of dolls! I have always wanted one! But unfortunately I never had… But they’re all so cute, maybe I should purchase one and make my old dream come true:) thanks for the idea!

  2. Hi Drew,Thanks for sharing you review about this doll. I might consider getting my daughter one. You know, she had dolls and Barbie stuff and as a dad I want something that is affordable but with quality. I hope she would like Cabbage Patch Kids as your love kid does.

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