Review: Clifford Themed Science Kit: Bubble Science

Bubble Science with Clifford the Big Red Dog from The Young Scientists Club

Back when I did the Give it Forward campaign for Christmas is for Kids we reviewed a Young Scientists Club kit that was themed with the Magic School Bus. Now the Young Scientists Club has a whole new line of science kits aimed at younger scientists and those kits are themed with Clifford the Big Red Dog. We received three such kits to try out and review including Rainbow Science, Kitchen Science and today’s kit: Bubble Science. Opinions about the kit are 100% our own. Links go to the Young Scientists Club Site.

Kids love bubbles. Blowing bubbles, popping bubble, chasing bubbles it is all fun for kids. But why are bubbles created. The kit explains the science behind concepts like surface tension and much more. There are twenty different experiments ranging from trying to blow bubbles with water to making bubble art with food coloring colored bubbles. We did not do the food coloring bubbles though, no one wanted to clean that up.

Blowing Bubbles from inside bubbles

The kit included everything that you would need to perform all sorts of bubble experiments and aside from the straws not fitting the funnel very well I have few complaints. We started with the first experiment which was to fill the tray with water, simply water and then blow into the water through a straw to see what would happen. What we saw was what you would expect. Bubbles formed while we were blowing on the straw but as soon as we stopped the bubbles completely disappeared. That is because the surface tension of the water is too great, something was needed to break that surface tension and allow for bubbles to be created. This brings us to the use of soap. Soap weakens that surface tension and allows for bubbles to be created and to remain. Eva had a lot of fun making big giant piles of bubbles by blowing into the straw into the tray.

Large Funnel Bubble

We did a bunch of experiments like making pepper jump, blowing bubbles within bubbles, blowing multiple bubbles at one time and making our own bubble wands to see if we could create shades other than round spheres.

Blowing Bubbles with Mom

We had a lot of fun playing with all of these bubble related experiments. Eva loved the jumping pepper experiment and even she jumped up when she saw what happened. When we have a messy day on the agenda we will try and do the colored bubbles experiment.

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