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Eva and I got a mess of sticker sets from Peaceable Kingdom. They included some scratch and sniff stickers (remember those, so fun), fairy princess and puppy dog dress up sticker sets and even stickers that you can color. We had so much fun playing with the dress up sets. We first did the fairy princess ones and a couple days later we did the puppy dog ones. We’re going to do the ones that you can color some day soon.

As a kid I collected stickers. I know that sounds like an activity that a boy would do, but I did. I collected stickers so I could hang around with the girls at recess. That was until my sticker collection was stolen one day. I was pretty devastated and I was out some decent money too. I used to take my money down to Baldwins and other stores to buy a bunch of stickers. I’d put them in a sticker book and then trade them with friends at school. I never really played with them or stuck them on anything. These stickers from Peaceable Kingdom have a great playability factor to them.

While playing with the Fairy Princess stickers I noticed that the fairies were pretty well dressed up and well designed but the stickers were thinks like crowns and wands and stuff like that. I would have thought that those ones would have been a little more plain but with stickers that were outfits and more. That would have been a little better in my opinion. but regardless of that the stickers and paper dolls that you stick them on were very beautifully illustrated.

Eva and I played with the stickers for about an hour. The stickers are also nice because you can pull them off and put them back on over and over. Eva can mix and match the stickers and continue to play with these stickers.

A few days later we played with the dress up puppies. When I mentioned above that the fairy princess stickers should have been more dress up and less accessorizing, well, the puppies were just that. The puppies have sticker outfits and accessories that you can put on them. They also come with mini dog houses that you put together and the puppies stand inside. The dog houses are 3D ones that stand on their own and the puppies can stand up too.

We were lucky to play with these stickers and had fun doing so. I can share this fun with you too because I can give away a set of these stickers to play with, too. You can choose one product from Reusable Sticker Packs or Quick Sticker Packs.

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Disclosure: We were given a few sticker packs to play with. We played with them and had fun. the opinions about them are 100% ours (Eva’s and mine).

Here is the Press Release for Peaceable Kingdom Sticker Sets.


New Sticker Kits and Activities Are Tons of Affordable Fun

Berkeley, CA (July 7, 2011)—When was the last time you were shocked at how affordable something was? It’s probably been awhile. At under $10 (and many under $5), sticker kits and projects from Peaceable Kingdom are a pleasantly affordable option that provide hours of creative play.

Each new set has a unique twist that takes it above and beyond a standard sheet of stickers. And, no matter what a child’s current obsession-of-the-month is—from robots to fairies to puppies and more– Peaceable Kingdom has a sticker kit to fit.

The company’s latest introductions include four new Quick Sticker Kits, three new Reusable Sticker Totes, a new line of Color Me Sticker Sets, and three new Scratch & Sniff Sticker Sets.

Quick Sticker Kits contain a mini project that kids assemble and then decorate with the included stickers. They are $4.99 each. The four latest styles join 15 other fun designs.

Make a Robot Kit- Build two sturdy paper robots with 14 interchangeable parts, then decorate them with 77 shiny foil stickers. Ages 4+

Sparkly Critter Purses Kit- Pop open and decorate three animal-shaped paper purses. Kit includes a puppy, kitty and bear purse and 88 glittery facial expression and accessory stickers. Ages 3+

Dinosaur Play World Kit- Create a backdrop with pop-out volcano for the three stand-up dinosaurs. Kit comes with 22 additional dinosaur stickers to populate the scene. Ages 4+

Dress-Up Puppies Sticker Kit- This kit contains three fold-up doghouses, three stand-up puppies and three dog beds. Comes with 69 puppy-themed glittery stickers to decorate and accessorize the playful puppies. Ages 4+

Reusable Sticker Totes are great on-the-go totes that contain reusable vinyl cling stickers and four fun scenes or backdrops. When a child is finished playing, just put the stickers back into the handy carry-along tote until next time! They are $9.99 each and for Ages 3+. These three new versions join 39 other choices!

Lunch Munch- Create an appetizing meal with 90 different food-related stickers. The four lunch-themed scenes are a fruit bowl, paper hamburger container, pizza and banana split dish. Top your pizza with ice cream, or make a kiwi-filled burger! Go crazy!

Sticker Robots- Mix and match 50 robot parts to create a different robot each time. Set comes with 4 solid color background panels, one for each of your robots!

Make a Sticker Picture- Use your imagination to create different scenes and stories. Did pirates land in outer space? What about an alien invading a castle? The four different framed scene backgrounds are outer space, castle, enchanted forest and an island. The 70 included stickers match the different background themes.

Color Me Stickers are a brand new line from Peaceable Kingdom. Stickers can be colored using any marker or pencil for a one-of-a-kind look! Each $1.99 set contains 10 color-it-yourself stickers. Available in five styles: Dinosaur, Unicorn, Monster Car, Fairy and Animal.

The company has even perfected Scratch & Sniff Stickers with smells that aren’t overpowering or sickly sweet. Three new mouth-watering flavors of Scratch & Sniff Stickers will be available soon. Each set comes with 40 scented stickers and is $1.99. Choose from a Chocolate scented pack, an Ice Cream pack with four different ice cream scents, and Tutti Frutti scented stickers with five different fruit-inspired scents. Kids will love that the Scratch & Sniff Tutti Frutti stickers come in clever gum-inspired packaging!

Thanks to the low price point and compact packaging, sticker sets from Peaceable Kingdom are ideal stocking stuffers, birthday gifts or even birthday favors. They also make a great (quiet!) travel companion for kids on-the-go. There are also dozens of traditional high-quality sticker sheets available from Peaceable Kingdom. View the huge sticker selection at


Peaceable Kingdom was founded in 1983 with a single product – a children’s poster based on the artwork from the classic children’s book Goodnight Moon (printed by the son of the book’s illustrator). Twenty-eight years and more than 5,000 SKUs later, the company has grown to be a leader in juvenile stickers and greeting cards and is just this year expanding their product offerings to include cooperative games.

Peaceable Kingdom’s mission is to make good, do good, and be good. Which means: to create fresh, fun, award-winning products that educate, inspire, and tickle funny bones, to donate to charitable organizations that support the well-being of children, to remain committed to socially-conscious manufacturing practices and sustainable and eco-friendly materials, to maintain integrity in all business relationships and to support the people who support us! The Peaceable Kingdom philosophy – come into the kingdom and join the fun! Visit to learn more.

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