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Moving can be a difficult transition for a kid. Eva has done fairly well so far and that is great. She was away with my mom for the bulk of the major move so that she could come home to her new home and not be underfoot while we were bringing things into and out of the house. I had gotten a doll to review and we knew that Eva was going to be spending some time away before the move so I saved it to give to her right before she went.

I was able to pick from a few dolls that were available from HABA USA. I choose this one because it looked like the doll most like Eva, a little girl ready for any fun to come along. Even though Eva is all girl and loves princesses and ponies and dresses she is also not afraid to get out side and get dirty as well. Eva’s up for playing all the time and the doll Elise looked like the doll in the Pretend Play series that most reminded me of Eva and her spirit.

Elise is a foot tall and sells for $35 retail. Elise has a great outfit that shows she is ready for anything that Eva can throw at her. Elise is ready to do anything that’s fun. Especially if it involves putting things she finds into her yellow, heart stickered bag. (The bag is actually a yellow green). Her big, pink hat and pink carnation tell the world that Elise is unique and isn’t afraid to show it! Includes cool cap and a bag. Also, all 12” sized HABA dress sets will fit the 13.5” and 12” dolls. Body of the dolls are color coordinated with the dress set. Soft body doll. Recommended for ages 1½ +.

I just recently learned about the toys and games from HABA USA. They are high quality toys colorful and fun. The HABA USA Facebook Page has all the latest announcements and sometimes even discounts. You can check it out and like it today.

Disclosure: I was provided the Elise doll to review and keep. I gave it to Eva, she likes it and our opinions about the doll are 100% ours.

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