Andrew with Sophie his Fingerlings Robotic Interactive Monkey
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WowWee sent us two Fingerlings Interactive Robotic Baby Monkeys for free to play with and review. Our opinions are our own.

While at Sweet Suite I chatted with the WowWee representative and she and I talked about some other toys, however, she contacted me and asked me if I wanted to participate in #FingerlingsFriday, which is today. today the Fingerlings Interactive Robotic Monkeys launched in stores all across the country. They are in Walmart, Amazon (affiliate Link), Target and more. This first week of sales are important because with each sale of a Fingerlings Monkey $1 is going to be donated to WildAid. WildAid is an animal conservation nonprofit, WildAid aims to protect wildlife and end illegal wildlife trade.

These Fingerlings are so cute and funny. They have over 40 interactions and my son loves them so much. He was so excited to open his. He chose Sophie instead of Boris. I was surprised and not surprised. He is such a gentle kid with animals and he was good with the this toy. Andrew also discovered something special that the fingerlings can do. They can both fart and burp. For a 5 year old boy, this is the high end of humor and he has such an innocent enjoyment of this. His nine year old sister was a bit off put about this interaction. However, she does love the cuteness of this toy and was happy with her new little friend.They are not in today’s video but will be in a future one.

There are six Fingerlings to collect. They are Bella (pink), Mia (Purple) I bet that Mia would be Andrew’s favorite, she is his favorite color. There is also Sophie (White) This is the one Andrew chose. Boris (blue) Eva has him by default, she was not home when I opened them. there is also Zoe (turquoise) and Finn (Black). They retail for $14.99 and they are already selling out.

Meet Fingerlings Baby Monkeys – a line of six super cute pet robots that come to life with 50+ sweet and silly interactive animations spanning realistic monkey sounds, blinking eyes, head turns, and​ ​grip​ping hands​.​ ​Kids can pet ​or​ swing them​ to see how they react​, and even blow them kisses or rock them to sleep!

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