Frost Your World with Sweetlings

We received some Sweetlings toys to play with and review for free. Opinions are our own.

The kids love to bake. Eva has a large plastic tub filled with baking utensils and things for decorating her creations. Both kids are also fans of Nerdy Nummies. They love doing things with food. This isn’t always practical for us, though. There is a lot of cleaning up and prep that needs to be done. Not to mention having to eat everything, too. That is why Sweetlings are the perfect food shaped craft for the kids to do.

Creating Frosted Friends with Sweetlings

With these kits the kids can create friendly food with personality and flair. The frosting for the Sweetlings is a whipped clay. There are additional accessories that you can use to decorate your Sweetlings.

A Sweetling Donut

Eva created the Sweetlings Frost-A Friend. It was a donut. The kid comes with 1 small whipped clay tube, 1 large whipped clay tube, Star Tip and Cap, Base, Glitter, Decorative Shapes, Plastic Sprinkles, Accessories, Decorative Background, Tweezers and Instructions. That kit is $9.99 and is for ages 6 and up.

A Sweetling Mini cupcake

we didn’t want Andrew to be left out so Eva let him create the Sweetlings Frost-A Mini Friend. this kit goes for $4.99 and includes 1 Whipped Clay tube, Star Tip and Cap, Base, Glitter, Decorative Shapes, Accessories (his had butterfly wings), Tweezers and instructions. They each had a great time making their creations.

You can find Sweetlings on social media. You can find them through their toy company, Alex Toys and the Alex D.I.Y. line on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

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