Review: Ice Dragon and Hatchlings Figures from Safari Limited

Ice Dragon and Hatchlings

Dragons are my favorite fantasy creatures. From movies to books to toys dragons have always fascinated me. It almost feels like right now is the age of dragons with movies like How To Train Your Dragon, books like the Eragon series, video games like Skyrim and Skylanders and let’s not forget Game of Thrones. Dragons are everywhere and when I saw some dragons from Safari Limited at Time to Play I wanted to check them out for myself. I received an Ice Dragon and some Hatchlings to play with and review. Opinions are 100% my own.

Ice Dragon

The figures from Safari Limited have incredible detail. The colors are perfect for a dragon that lives in a frosty wasteland. The overall style and and design of the figure is impressive. You can feel the dragon leaping to life with his huge snapping jaws and powerful wings.

Ice Dragon

The little hatchlings could easily represent any dragon hatchling. They have a vibrant purple color and a dynamic pose. They look like they are eager for some food, too.

Dragon Hatchlings

While the figures are not able to have their limbs moved around they still have this amazing feeling of motion no matter how they are positioned. There are many fantastic dragons, animals, mythical creatures and more from Safari Limited. Beyond simple toys these could be perfect for school projects, dioramas and even tabletop gaming.

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