Review: In Plain Sight 2 eps.

I haven’t been that good about reviewing In Plain Sight Recently. I didn’t get a chance to review last week’s episode and it was one that I really liked. I really liked it because we got to see Mary without her armor as well as the reason why she is tough and cold. Her father, whom she loved so much, was a gambler and on this episode she saw how gambling was destroying another family.

Overall the episode was a good one, Mary became much more two dimensional to me. With all the people in the witness protection program in New Mexico Mary is sure to run into someone from time to time. In this case she was getting her car serviced by a Mechanic named Scott who enter the program with his younger brother. The younger brother was a very good basketball player and he got into gambling, big time. While that was part of the story the bigger story was Mary helping Scott confront his little brother and get help from a support group. And through this support group for family of addicted gamblers Mary has her own breakthrough. I wonder if we will be meeting Mary’s father at some point.

Last night’s episode was about a family that had to go into witness protection because the oldest daughter witness an attempted murder by a gangbanger. The father however was so angry that he pushed his whole family away. The daughter was in a neighborhood where she wasn’t supposed to go. We find out through the course of the episode that the older daughter was there to get her younger sister.

What was good about the episode was that Marshall got to have more on screen time. He was even pretty bad ass int he episode as well. And at the end he showed his heart and why Marshall is so interesting a character.

Thankfully absent this week was Mary’s mom. Her sister was int eh episode and we’ve been seeing her falling for Raph more and more, Mary knows or suspects that something is up with little sis. And this week Brandi tossed away the suitcase of coke. There is going to be some big comeuppance somewhere down the line over Brandi’s actions. Someone very important is going to miss that much coke.

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Oh and I watched Flashpoint last Friday. The show was not good. I liked it better when it was called Standoff and the characters were people I really cared about. Flashpoint will be gone in a flash. Here is what TV Squad said about it. Obviously we don’t agree about this show.

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