Review: LEGO Dimensions – The LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack and Excalibur Batman Packs

LEGO Dimensions LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack
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I received the Story Pack for The LEGO Batman Movie for LEGO Dimensions from Warner Interactive Entertainment to play with and review. This is a review of the LEGO pieces for the game with some limited gameplay, but not much. More gameplay will happen in another video

This past Saturday I went and saw the LEGO Batman Movie. It was a lot of fun and it made really excited to get home to the package that was waiting for me with the LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack for LEGO Dimensions. I could not wait to play it. However, I would have to wait a few more days until today to actually get to play the game. There was also the downloading of the new software updates but I was smart about that, I got that done in the morning so that I could play the game when it came time to get down to playing.

The Story pack comes with the Bat Computer ” ‘Puter” plus Batgirl and Robin. Batgirl is considered a Bonus Minifig for the game. There is also the vehicle, the Batwing that can also become Black Thunder and the Bat Tank. The Scuttler would have been cool but that would have been super complicated to make with this set. You also have to have the Batman minifig that comes with the starter pack to get the game started. This figure then becomes the LEGO Batman character from the movie. Robin can do a fun costume change but I won’t tell you what it is in case you haven’t already seen the movie. Robins abilities are: Acrobat, Illumination, Fix-It, Dive, Vent Access and when he does his Suit Rip he can: Vine Cut, Laser Deflector, Pole Vault and Glide. Batgirl can throw batarangs and she is also very smart and can solve puzzles. Here abilities are: Boomerang, Grapple, Rope Swing, Detective Mode, Stealth, Glide and High Security Access.

We also opened the Excalibur Batman figure which comes with the Bionic Steed. Excalibur Batman has the abilities of – Boomerang, Sword Switch, Vine Cut, Stealth, Laser Deflector, Grapple, Super Strength and Master Build. The Bionic Steed can be reconfigured into the Bat-Raptor and the Ultrabat.

Gameplay with all the characters was really fun. We had a good time playing and these would certainly be welcome additions to any player’s collection of LEGO Dimensions. Here is our video including a bat computer speed build.

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