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At Sweet Suite I ad the good fortune of coming home with two Lightseekers Starter Packs (Affiliate Link). I have worked with the PR rep for TOMY for a number of years and he set one of each pack aside for me. I was really thrilled to finally play this game. Then I got home and time passed and I got swamped with so many things. I kept seeing posts from the Lightseekers Official site and Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I saw the toys in Toys R Us and on More time passed and I did not get to playing the game. I had no excuse, too. I had opened the Starter Packs in New York so that I could carry everything home. the boxes are huge! I even picked up some accessories at Toys R Us to use including a Starter Deck for the Tech element (Affiliate Link), a Spinblade 3000 (Affiliate Link) and a Flynamo for my Tyrax character, Jax. There is a whole heck of a lot that goes along with this game and so I made the video below to explain it the best I know how and to give you a look at how everything works.

Lightseekers is a Toys to Life Game, but it is more than that. Lightseekers are action figures, but they are more than that. Lightseekers are Augmented Reality, but they are more than that. Lightseekers is a Collectible Card Game but again, they are more than that. There are so many facets to Lightseekers and it is only continuing to grow and expand. See what I mean in the video below.

Jax is my favorite character, so far. there are going to be figures for the 4 other elements and I think the one for the Mountain Element is going to be my second favorite. Kora is a fun figure but for me a bit too cutesy. If we are going into battle I want a a tough looking fighter on my side. I seem to always pic the Tank or the Knight as the type of character I like. Jax is a fighter, e has this killer Nitro sword that he uses to deadly precision. Kora has a staff called the Aquadart Crab. She is a spellcaster as far as I can tell. She’s still a decent character but aesthetically speaking I tend to enjoy Jax more. So, I decided that I woud collect items for the characters of the Tech Element.

Lightseekers Jax Nitro Hammer Spinblade 3000

Jax comes with the Nitro Hammer but another one-handed tech weapon that he can use is the Spinblade 3000. Any character can use any of the other weapons but they have some that are specifically aligned to their elements.

Lightseekers Jax C-Tech Cannon

Jax can also used ranged weapons like the C-Tech Cannon (Affiliate Link). This is also a two-handed weapon and so you cannot use any other weapon in the empty hand slot for the figure.

Lightseekers Jax Flynamo

The characters have the ability to fly in the game if they have flight packs. The tech flight pack is called the Flynamo (Affiliate Link). When you add this to your character and push a button on their Fusion Core then the character lifts off the ground and you use the character itself as your controller in the game.

Lightseekers Jax Hammer Shield

Characters can also have defensive accessories like the Forgewall (Affiliate Link) for the Tech element. This shield helps keep Jax protected while he is fighting the bad guys on his missions.

Lightseekers Jax and Kora

Jax and Kora are great characters. They each have something to contribute to the overall play of the game. Eva loves Kora, she finds her to be adorable. Andrew likes Jax because he is so cool looking (me too.)

Lightseekers Kora Aquadart Crab

Kora’s weapon is the Aquadoart Crab which seems a lot like a magical staff but she can also hit bad guys with it and spray water.

Lightseekers Kora Aquadart Skyrider

Korra and the Storm Element characters have their own flight pack called the Skyrider (Affiliate Link). This is a really beautiful looking accessory and when you put it on her she says that she is a ballerina. The characters say some pretty funny things.

Lightseekers Kora Skyrider

Kora and her accessories. I said that I was only going to collect the Tech accessories but I had to let Kora fly, too. And I got a Storm Starter Deck (Affiliate Link) for the kids so that we could play the card game together, too.

About Lightseekers

Lightseekers is a highly-anticipated and critically-acclaimed fantasy adventure role-playing game (available on iOS,Google Play, and Amazon Appstore). When combined with highly-articulated, realistic 7” smart action figures from toy leader TOMY, the result is a next-generation launch the likes of which no industry
has ever experienced.

Lightseekers is the fusion of fantasy and reality powered by a proprietary technology platform that integrates mobile video games and smart action figures with artificial intelligence, augmented reality, interactive trading cards and more, creating the most ambitious transmedia entertainment platform ever envisioned.

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