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I received a free customized copy of the book Little Girl Wonder for Eva from the Little Wonder Company. The copy that I received was the paperback copy. There are three options for these personalized children’s books, you can buy the e-book, the paperback book or the hardcover. Of all the options I would recommend the hardcover copy because it has the complete story. Reading the paperback story I immediately saw holes in the story. I inquired as to whether I got a book that was assembled wrong or not. I learned that it was assembled correctly, however the paperback only has 24 pages where the hardcover has 32 pages. This is disclosed on the product page. The digital download is only 12 pages. The trouble I have with this is that the pages are just missing and the story comes out disjointed with the missing pages. So if you want the full story get the hardcover book.

Why should you buy this book?

The appealing thing about this book is that it is personalized not only with the name of your child but you can even change the character so that it has the same physical attributes as your child. You can set the face shape, skin tone, hair style, dimples, freckles and more. The process of creating your character was a fun one. It was easy to do and there were plenty of decent variations to create a character that looks close to your child. When we received the book Eva recognized that this was a book for her and about her. She’s three so she didn’t notice the jumps in the story due to the missing pages in the softcover version, she just liked the story. I was even able to write a dedication to Eva on the inside cover.

What I liked about the book

I truly liked the aspect of being able to customize the character to be Eva. Once I read the full story (there is a virtual tour of the book on the site) I could see that it was a decent story. A little girl is transported to a world where she is a superhero and she helps another boy and girl. Empowering your child to see in their imagination that they can use super powers to help others is a good concept. Kids love to pretend and I can see Eva wanting to pretend to be Little Girl Wonder. The big baddies in the story end up being stuffed animals. Eva has so many of stuffed animals that she could create adventures as Little Girl Wonder all over the place. I also like the bright colorful characters.

What about boys

If you have a son you can create a book called Little Boy Lightning. This story is similar to Little Girl Wonder but with a little boy with super powers. He’s got a skateboard and has a dark costume where Little Girl Wonder has a purple costume. Little Girl Wonder goes to Sunny Valley and Little Boy Lightning goes to Lightning Valley. You can customize this character as well.

Read to Me Dad Ratings

  • Story – Good – A cute story where a child is transformed into a super hero/heroine who goes to another place and helps other children. It is also personalized to your child.
  • Re-Read-ability – Good – It is quick and simple with some beautiful artwork.
  • Illustrations – Good – The illustrations are decent and can be customized to look like your own child.
  • Message – Helping others and being a hero. Solving problems in a non-violent way.
  • Plot – A little girl/boy is transported to another world and while there she helps two other children. The boy/girl is transformed into a super powered hero.
  • Characters – Little Girl Wonder/Little Boy Lightning can be customized to look like their child.
  • Does Eva Like It – Eva loved the characters. She also enjoyed that the character was supposed to be her.
  • Recommended Ages – 3-8, very family friendly. Only the hardcover has the full story so if you want to complete story get that book.

Little Girl Wonder Cover

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