Review: Maukilo Chef Stovetop Set

Moving into a new house has been interesting. It has been a little hard on Eva because we have not had as much time to spend playing with her as we have before we started working on the new house. however, once we are in the house one thing that I want to do more of with Eva is cook. She has shown interest in helping and I think our new kitchen is a perfect place for her to learn. But in the meantime…

While we continue to move into the house and we need Eva to play by herself we were lucky to get a great playset to review. This is Chef Stovetop Set that you can find at Maukilo. This set comes complete with a wooden cook top! Content: apron, frying pan, wooden stove top, pot with lid, and salt & pepper shakers. Dishwasher safe – microwave safe – suitable for food contact – PVC free. 10 pieces.

when I came over to the new house today with a load of things to move in I was greeted at the door by Eva in her apron. She asked me how many were in my party and if she could seat me right away. Eva was pretending to play restaurant and she was cooking up some tasty dishes with her new Chef Stovetop Set. We played for a while, after I had brought in another load of boxes. I love that she is so expressive in her imagination and she loves playing pretend games like restaurant and so forth.

Also once I get a chance to have us settled into the new house I’ll be cleaning up Allison’s wooden play kitchen. This set will work perfectly with that setup and I think she will have so much fun serving us all sorts of pretend food.

Disclosure: I received this set to review. The opinions about the set are 100% mine.

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  1. She is HYSTERICAL!! I love it! I want to get one for Gina. When we went to the hotel this weekend she was all upset “but where is the kitchen? How will we cook dinner?!” Some little girl is used to staying in Time Shares! Ha!

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