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Review: MAX TRAXXX Tracer Racers Infinity Loop Set Is Crazy Fun

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We received the MAX TRAXXX Infinity Loop Set for free to play with and review. These are our honest opinions. We also have a link to buy this set and others through our affiliate link at the end of this review.

When I was a kid I had a race track set. It was that hard plastic that snapped together and the cars sat on the trace with a little pin that fit into the slot of the car’s track. You used these trigger remotes to make the cars go. You could also make the track into a couple of different designs but the best was always the crazy eight. My track did not have a loop but I loved playing with the cars. You had to have some skill, however or the cars would go flying off the track at high speeds. I don’t think I’ve been able to find a car racing set that doesn’t do that. But that is okay, crashes are a bit of the fun. R/C Car racing has come a long way in that time and now with the MAX TRAXXX Tracer Racers from Skullduggery, Inc. you can have incredible looking night races!

The set that we received to review is the Max Traxxx R/C Award Winning Tracer Racers High Speed Remote Control Infinity Loop Track Set, which has been Skullduggery’s #1 Amazon product! It retails for $119.97 ad is for ages 6 and up. There are many great features to this set and I want to highlight a few of them for you. I have mentioned them in our video below which I hope that you watch.

The cars have 500mph variable speed. You don’t want to hit the high corners at full speed or you are going to go flying out into the ether. But then again, you don’t want to be going too slowly when you hit the loop or you are going to fall off. With the high speed, though the whole track looks lit up at one time even though the glow starts to fade after the car has passed. With the car constantly going over the track at a high rate of speed that track stays lit up longer.

Andrew and the Tracer Racers

Let’s talk about the glowing track. Because the cars have an undercarriage light it makes the cars look like they are hovering but at the same time it also makes the track underneath light up and glow. You can see the glowing streaks even when the lights are on, but when the lights of the room go out things get crazy cool. I was really impressed with this feature. It makes such an incredible look to the whole toy. This is how the lights are officially describes and Max Traxxx Tracer Racers have also won some prestigious awards. “Three years running, Skullduggery Tracer Racers™ won the coveted Oppenheim Platinum Toy Award. This fantastic product contains Light Trail Technology™. The racers blaze streaks of light on Skullduggery’s patented Glow-in-the-Dark track. Each Tracer Racer™ beams down purple light rays from its undercarriage onto track specially engineered to emit glow remnants long after the racer has passed.” It really is a sight to see as you race.

Andrew is the master of Speed

The setup of this track is great. It allows you to have 46 feet of track in a fairly tight space. I was able to get the whole track into my office but the each end of the figure 8 is large enough for me to sit inside while Andrew sits in the other part of the figure 8. Then in the middle we can watch the cars fly trough that loop. After playing with this set, though I am thinking of all the other configurations that we could make with more track. I’m even tempted to place the track around our Christmas tree to go with our Christmas lights. Green is a festive color, right?

The cars look great and they even have some based on licensed vehicles like the ford mustang. The police chase set even has a police car with working lights on top. That is a great feature. These 1/64 scale vehicles look really good and there are even more of them that you can purchase.

The trigger controller is excellent. This piece of tech takes 4 AA batteries to not only run the remote but also to charge the cars quickly. One charge will have you racing for a good long time. Charging each car is also very quick.

Andrew love MAX TRAXX

I like the X-BLOX pieces that work with this set. These blocks are used to lift the track so that you could make the corners higher and more challenging but they also work to lift the track up so that the cars can go in a figure 8 and the loop. X-BLOX work with other standard building blocks like MEGA BLOKS and LEGO. This is a great because your creative self or children can then use other toys in their collection to make new tracks and also enhance their gameplay. I even have some Versa Bricks that work with LEGO and Hot Wheels track (MAX TRAXXX are compatible with hot Wheels Track) and K’NEX to make something else entirely new out of your imagination.

The whole set is fantastic and we had a lot of fun playing with it and reviewing it. You can purchase it through our links and if you do go to the stores that are approved by Skullduggery. Skullduggery has two great approved FBA sellers on, Think Stores and 4% Change for Children. 4% Change for Children offers a $20 off coupon on the Infinity Loop Set every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday until Christmas, and the company each year donates 4% of its net profits from the prior year AND 4% of the company’s working hours to non-profit organizations that help children and families with children to learn, grow and live better lives.

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