Skylanders - Legendary Trigger Happy Battle Portal

After getting so many MEGA Bloks Skylanders figures from MEGA Bloks for review there were just a few exclusive sets that I didn’t have so I went out and bought them. One set was the Legendary Trigger Happy Battle Portal that was exclusive to Toys R Us. I had all the other Legendary ones and this toy was based the first Legendary figure in all of the Skylanders history. For Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, Trigger Happy came out as a Legendary figure that was exclusive to Toys R Us. He was dark blue and gold just like this MEGA Bloks figure.

This set includes the series 3 battle portal which is dark like series 1 but has the translucent colored blok like the series 2 battle portals. The set comes with Trigger Happy, his coin pistols and a legendary ram, plus the battle bumpers.

This is another repaint of Trigger Happy but it looks great and I’m glad to have this as part of my collection.

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