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During SwagsGiving I gave away a LEGO Master Builder Academy set. They thing was, my Mom had bought the set for me and Eva so LEGO sent me one to give away and a comparable set for me to review. That set was the Ninjago Ice Dragon Attack set. I’ve seen the Ninjago line at the store and it interested me but I never had the chance to play with one of the sets. Now that I’ve built the Ice Dragon attack set I am kicking myself for not picking up some of the other LEGO Ninjago sets with dragons.

I’m a fan of dragons. I love the look of the Ninjago Ice Dragon. The details of the face and jaw are fantastic and then the claws and spikes are also very cool. My favorite feature however is the way the wings are done. This set makes use of the hinged pieces so that the wings fan out and are also very poseable. The ninja minifig that comes with the set is is Zane DX. The skeleton figure that comes with the set is Krazi. I like the look of both of these figures. The accessories of throwing stars and a sword are also good touches. Zane DX has a head covering that also has a slot on his back for the sword. Krazi comes with his signature jester hat.

Assembly of the set was pretty easy but it uses some great techniques like locking and sideways building. You can also pose the dragon into many different positions. The wings move many different ways and they open and close and make the dragon look really nice. The Dragon also fires a ball of ice at the enemies of the Ninjago Heroes.

The World of Ninjago is very robust. There are the LEGO model sets, and the Spinners. Spinners are minifigs sold in single packs and playing with the spinners is part playing tops and part a card game. There are the Ninjago Hero figures and the Skeleton Army. Each spinner comes with game cards, weapons, a spinner and a minifig from the Hero side or Skeleton Army. The models range from Dragons to motorcycle choppers. The Skeleton Army has a bunch of Technological stuff at their disposal like Trucks and motorcycles and more. The Ninjas have dragons and their Spinjitzu training, at least that is what they had on the first wave of Ninjago toys. Now the Heroes have their own vehicles as well.

There is a whole storyline around the Ninjago line of LEGO toys. The LEGO website has a bunch of videos and they tell the story of Ninjago. I love that there is such a robust storyline for this line of LEGO sets. Ninjago is really fun and this is a great set to pick up to get started. The line continues to expand and new characters are being introduced with a new wave of sets.

Disclosure: As stated above I was sent this set to review. Opinions about it are 100% mine.

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