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Before a few months ago I had no idea who Mo Willems was. We were sent three of his pigeon books and now, he’s one of my favorite children’s book authors. He’s funny, whimsical and has a fantastic illustration style that is simplistic yet conveys so much. We recently went to the Eric Carle Museum and there was a Mo Willems installation. We got to see a bunch of great art from Mo as well as a fun video telling us a bit more about him. We had a fantastic time. On the way there Eva played with my iPad and the Mo Willems: Mo on the Go App (App was prodived to us for review). This app is pretty fantastic. Allison has admitted to playing Dream Drive often. Dream Drive is all about letting that Pigeon drive the bus to pick up all of the little chicks and avoid the mad cow. Believe me, it is fun and funny.


The game that I like the most is the Mo’s Squillems game. In this game you and Mo create a drawing from a squiggly doodle line. The game gets you to think about what something could be starting from a simple squiggle line. Mo himself explains the way to play the game. I love the integration of video and cartoon to play these games. For Squillems you cna choose to play with Mo or you can play with a pal.


For each game that you play you earn a sticker and can take those stickers and use them on the Knuffle Bunny’s Sticker Pictures game. The fun thing here is that you can put your stickers right onto the images from the Knuffle Bunny books. I learned how Mo used real world photos in those books and then illustrated on top of them. That is a cool way to integrate photos and cartoons together.


The next game is a Monster Maker with Leonardo the Terrible Monster. You can spin around different parts to generate a new monster. Here is an example of one that Eva created.


There is also a Dance-O-Rama game with Elephant and Piggie. You choose differnt dances for both Gerald and Piggie and then they do a dance off. Some combinations actually work together but you have to figure that out by doing multiple dance offs.

Here is the official word on the app.

Attention Mo Willems fans – here’s your chance to laugh one-on-one alongside the famous children’s author! Mo’s newest app, Pigeon Presents…Mo on the Go!, is now available on iTunes and Nook, complete with games from Mo himself… and also created by YOU!

Three-time Caldecott honoree Mo Willems invites you to join some of his most beloved characters in this collection of entertaining games and activities to play anywhere, anytime! In Pigeon Presents…Mo on the Go!, kids can also draw along with Mo in the app during a one-on-one lesson.

Additional features include:

  • Watch as Mo demonstrates how to transform a scribble into a work of art
  • Share your masterpieces with friends or store them in your sticker vault
  • Create a terrifying—or hilarious—monster with Leonardo
  • Do the Jumbo Gumbo, the Piggie Jiggie, and tons more funky moves
  • Let the Pigeon drive the bus…in his dreams!

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