Review: Slugterra: Slug Power

Slugterra: Slug Power DVD

Shout! Factory Kids has been excellent in producing Slugterra DVD collections. I was sent the third volume in the series with five more episodes to watch and review. Opinions are 100% my own.

Ever since I gave the first Slugterra DVD a chance, and quickly made the show one of my favorites, I’ve been a fan. Until recently, our DVR was mostly filled with every Slugterra episode that has been on Disney XD. Even though we had the first five episodes on the first DVD we still kept the episodes on the DVR so that my daughter could watch whatever episode she wanted whenever she wanted. Well, the new television season is almost upon us so it was time to clean out the DVR. So I’m glad that we got this new DVD set with five more fun episodes that I could remove from the DVR.

Enough about our DVR, what about this new DVD. The DVD comes out September 17, 2013. You can pre-order the Slugterra: Slug Power! DVD, now. Slugterra: Slug Power contains the episodes Mecha Mutiny, Undertow, Mario Bravado, and The New Kid Parts 1 & 2. The DVD also has three Slugisodes and two behind the scenes featurettes. I love featurettes because you learn some great insight into the show. I learned who was originally going to be the voice of Eli in the series. That would have been a much different feel to the character. I’m glad that the show went the way it did.

The five episodes on this collection are good ones. Here we meet some additional cave trolls, some fish like pirates and a new character who may or may not be an ally to the Shane Gang. I noticed for the first time watching this DVD that cave trolls have four nostrils. Two in the regular spot and two above them. I had never noticed that before. The episodes continue to build on the lore of this world of Slugterra. I like how this show has a continuity to it and we see characters growing and learning. Now that newer episodes are being released each weekend watching these older episodes provide renewed insight into what is currently happening in the story.

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