Review: The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Yesterday we had a rainy day and nothing special to do so it was a perfect day for a family movie. We sat down to watch The Odd Life of Timothy Green. Now Eva is five years old and most of her movie watching has been animated (except for her early obsession with Mary Poppins) and so we weren’t quite sure if she’d like the movie. She has seen commercials and when she saw the DVD she identified it right away. So, I figured it would a safe bet to give it a try.

I am SO GLAD that we watched this movie as a family!

The Odd Life of Timothy Green is a timeless movie that is a must watch for families. I’m not exaggerating here either, it was beautiful from start to finish and the cast was wonderful. From the opening shot of a beautiful town in the throes of a spectacular Fall to the moments of tenderness and triumph this movie delivered.

The story centers around a couple, Jim and Cindy Green played by Jennifer Garner (Alias) and Joel Edgerton (Warrior). They have tried every conceivable thing to get pregnant and were unsuccessful. On the night that they got their final no from the doctors they decide to write down everything that their perfect child would be like, the personality, the sense of humor even down to specific life moments. They take all of those scraps of paper and put them in a box and bury them in the garden, a funeral for their hopes and dreams of a child of their own. For anyone who has ever had difficulty in having a child that they so desperately longed for this movie will be a touchstone for those feelings. I know that I sobbed through it at different points but they were joyful tears because of how tender and loving this movie was.

Jim and Cindy are surprised by noises during the night and they awake to find Timothy in their house. The movies goes from there. We get to see two people trying to be the best possible parents that they can. They both have different and somewhat difficult backgrounds, there is a lot of pain there in each of their lives. Jim feels as if his own father was never there for him and he vows to be better than that to Timothy. Along the way he learns much more about himself and what it means to be a good father. Cindy has a sister who is perfect, and who says the most horrible things to Cindy. Cindy’s sister has no filter and she is so callous to Cindy. But all family ties in the movie are not strained, there is Cindy’s Aunt and Uncle (Bub) who “practically” raised her. They are sweet and loving and Timothy takes to them right away. Timothy takes to everyone and is so open and honest that even when being faced with bullies he takes it in stride.

The performances of Timothy (CJ Adams) and a young girl that he is smitten with, Joni are so convincing and innocent that they will melt your heart. I loved their on screen time together.

After the movie we watched the extras and there I learned that Joel Edgerton was actually Australian, it was a little mind melty to hear him speak after just seeing him portray an average American guy so well. The DVD extras are a must watch especially the one about the music of the movie because honestly the music was a character onto itself.

The movie was wonderful, it is a great one to watch as a family. I look forward to watching it again.

And Eva liked the movie very much, she made this picture as we watched, it is of Timothy and his mom.

Portrait of Timothy Green and his Mom

There are some special activities also that you can do with your family and also some great behind the scenes clips from the movie.

Download Activities

Download Odd Life Family Tree


Jennifer and Joel’s On-Screen Relationship

Jennifer Gardner Going For It While Shooting “Low Rider” Scene

Director Peter Hedges’ Gift of Patience


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Disclosure: We received a copy of The Odd Life of Timothy Green on Blu-ray to watch and review. Opinions about the movie are 100% my own.

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      There is a Sad/Happy Ending to the movie but while it is sad it is not sad long and drawn out before the happy part. I cried but loved it anyway.

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