Eva received the book, The True Princess for Christmas from my Aunt Donna. It is an excellent books with a very wonderful message. There is a religious vein to the book as the tag line of the book is “What makes someone a true princes in Jesus’ eyes?” The values of self reliance, humility, kindness and caring are universal values to teach our children and this book does so very well. The book was written bu Angela Elwell Hunt and the illustrations were done by Diana Magnuson.

The Story
A young princess is entrusted to the care of her father, the king’s servant Nana. The king had to leave the country for a while and to keep his princess safe the princess and Nana were disguised as bakers. While the princess had been used to a life of luxury she soon learned to be more self reliant and understand the roles of those who had the duties to care for her in her life as a princess. In the end she builds character and becomes a princess who is worthy of ruling.

The Illustrations
The illustrations are bright and beautiful. Very colorful and well drawn.

The Message
The message of learning to truly love yourself as well as others by being kind, caring, and humble is excellent. The princess learns to entertain herself and others, laugh and love. The true princess learns to serve others and in that she is elevated to her rightful place as a true princess.

Final Thoughts
This story is a nice read, there are many wonderful characters and moments for good reading. For me that means the option to use different voices and be different characters. Allison has been reading this to Eva often and she simply loves sitting there listening to the story and looking at the beautiful illustrations.

Read to Me Dad Ratings

  • Story – Excellent
  • Re-Readability – Excellent
  • Illustrations – Good – vibrant colors
  • Message – Excellent
  • Plot – Excellent
  • Characters – Excellent
  • Does Eva Like It – She loves looking at the pictures and she is very attentive when we read this to her.
  • Recommended Ages 4-8

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  1. Karen says:

    What a thoughtful gift! It sounds like such a pleasant book. Can’t you bring Allison and Eva along next week?!!!

  2. Drew says:

    It would be nice If I could however not this trip, maybe to Postiecon since it will be in Orlando this year. And we can work in a trip to Allison’s parents too. By then I hope she is more of a FT blogger or even a PT blogger. I can have her send me a video hello next week.

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