Rhodies are out… PAD #1147


The bushes in the front yard are in bloom. I am looking forward to going to Sphor Gardens to take photos of the ones that they have. They should look awesome by next weekend.

I wrote my latest Guest Blogger post for IZEA today. It was all about how you can use Flickr to promote your blog. I also wrote a review of the Jan Brett book The Umbrella. It is a fantastic book with amazing illustrations.

Took a nice long walk with Eva today after work. I was looking fir horses or cows but found none. I only saw some ducks fighting over space in a little creek.

Made pulled pork for dinner tonight. It was quite tasty and our good friend Meghan was here for dinner and to watch Lost.

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12 thoughts on “Rhodies are out… PAD #1147”

  1. The rodies in the yard at Grand Ave. Are just starting to bloom, hopefully they will look good next weekend.

  2. Dad,
    I shortened it because I knew I would spell the word incorrectly. Looking forward to see them next weekend.

  3. Lynne,
    Yes I would imagine them as not doing well in such hot weather. I’ll make sure I get more photos as they bloom.

  4. Nice Rhododendrons, they don’t get that big here. Wanted to thank you and let you know I linked to this site in my latest post because I used that Picnik you talked about on Izea. Thanks again, you made my blogging life a lot easier.

  5. Sue,

    Very glad that I could help make your blogging life much easier. That is fantastic. I hope you enjoy the heck out of picnik, it is a cool little site.

    Our Rhododendrons have gotten huge over the years. They are enormous, the photo doesn’t do the whole bush justice.

  6. Catherine,
    Unfortunately it does not take paypal. That would be great if it did, I bet a bunch of people would donate that way.

  7. I simply love these flowers. They look great; I feel a lot of positive energy when i see them in reality. I wish I can get couple of plants in my back yards.

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