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Today was my annual company picnic. Last year we missed out on attending because of Affiliate Summit and I am glad that this year ASE is next weekend. I consider myself very lucky to be working at a place that still pulls off an amazing company picnic each and every year and they have done so for 42 years. Each year it gets better and better. And this year was great because Eva at nearly 4 years old, can enjoy so many of the games and rides.

We had a nice time today. When we arrived we had Eva’s photo taken for a cute little photo keychain. Then we got to the face painting station early so Eva could get her face painted before the lines got long. She was so still for the face painters that they thought she was sleeping.

We had a nice day where Eva could go and ride a pony, pet a goat, play mini golf, sail on a pirate ship and fill up on so many tasty morsels like Fried Dough, Ribs and more.

I got my yearly lobster feast because I always get lobster for Allison and she either eats none of hers or only one claw. So I work at cracking my whole lobster and placing it in the butter and then once I am done dismantling the lobster I can enjoy eating it.

Eva and I had a great time going down the giant slide. She would throw her hands in the air and scream and laugh over and over. We must have done that four or five times. Another ride that she loved was a crazy house where she walked through, climbed up netting and down slides. When it was time to go we went by the arts and crafts tent and Eva made herself a cute and funny safari hat.

She was so focused on making this hat and loved being able to use glitter and glue and stickers and more. She even got a special foam sticker that said Princess. The people running the tent had a few of those saved away and gave them away to special kids. She’s such a little charmer. I think that by being so verbal and outgoing she is able to disarm so many people. It is pretty amazing to step back and watch that.

We headed home and Eva had a new stuffed animal friend with her. In addition to the food, the rides, games and more food the company gives out gifts to the kids. Some of the gifts are clearly for adults who have small children but then each year there is a new stuffed animal. Last year they had alpacas and I felt bad that we missed the picnic because I knew Eva would love the alpaca and this year they had some left over ones from last year so she ended up picking that one over the bischon frise that was this year’s stuffed animal.

When we got home I went to sleep because I still had to work tonight. I woke up around 7:30pm and I was heading to the bathroom when I saw Eva sitting up on her bed holding her new Alpaca. She also had her Woody doll and her two Jessie dolls. I asked if the Alpaca “rode like the wind” like Woody’s faithful horse BullsEye. She said no and that the Alpaca was tired and needed snuggles. Well, don’t we all sometimes.

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8 Responses to “Ride like the Wind, Alpaca?”

  1. Deborah says:

    Such a sweet tale of the Alpaca needing snuggles. I love her hat she made! Nice of your company to do that for it’s employees. Many companies have stopped having annual picnics. Sad.
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    • Drew says:


      We are very lucky to have this company. The picnic really is a great time every summer. We’ve missed it only once and that was too bad. I know that Eva’s gonna love it for a while. And hopefully she’ll still like it as a teen.

  2. Mo says:

    I love this post! So happy you all had such a great time…and Eva’s Alpaca Snuggle Theory is the sweetest!

  3. There’s an alpaca farm close to where I live here in Newfoundland, Canada. The kids love to snuggle and pet them!

    I can see this being a great thing to do! Great job!
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    • Drew says:


      We’ve been to an alpaca farm once before. It was fun. We weren’t able to get close to them though. It was basically someone’s home with a little bit of land and they weren’t open so we just got photos near the fence. I bet Eva would shy away from an alpaca a bit though, they are pretty big to a little kid.

  4. Jester says:

    lovely looking girl, good thing that she’s not afraid to ride that huge horse.

    It’s really fun to stay on a place like this together with your precious one.
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    • Drew says:


      She does love the ponies. She wanted to know why they weren’t purple or pink, I figure that means too much tv.

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