Photo-A-Day #2329

I won a contest from my friend Chris Lewis’ blog, Dad of Divas. He has a ton of contests happening all the time and I always try and enter them especially when they are fun things. When I came home from New York I saw that I had a few boxes of things from contests and other things I’ve been waiting for.

One prize was a Cars 2 Hot Rod Ridermakerz Mater. This is a car that you can trick out with all sorts of extra accessories. The package that we got came with a bunch of fun things including fun tires, headers and a big spoiler. Eva and I had fun playing with the car and putting on the stickers and adding the accessories.

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3 Responses to “RideMakerz Mater”

  1. That is so cool! I love that truck! My all-time fav character from any Pixar movie!
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  2. I love this type of animated character, specially when they are cars and they show there feeling’s like human being. so cute truck ben and i like his rabbit teeth 🙂
    your so much creative.
    please share more.
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  3. Stocksicity says:

    That looks sweet.

    For a second when I saw the pic on the front page, I thought it was a life size car (missed that this one had eyes on the windshield)
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