Rigging up the Lights!

You know that song, the twelve pains of Christmas. The guy who talks about rigging his lights up every year is a riot. Well each year my Dad puts up lights on the bushes on the front of the house and we also put up lights on the trees. Our tree and my parent’s tree. There tree is about 11 feet tall (we have tall ceilings) and that takes many lights to cover the tree. While we do all we can to make sure the trees are safe and watered another way that we can choose safety is to switch from incandescent lights to LED Christmas lights.

There are many benefits to LED Christmas lights. For one thing they are safe than incandescent lights because they are cool to the touch and this is good because the lights are used to decorate a fireball waiting to happen. L.E.D. lamps have received the Home Safety Council’s Home Safety Award. The lights themselves operate at one degree above room temperature.

Those are some of the safety features but what about for use and durability? The bulbs are solid state so if one goes out it doesn’t knock out the whole string. They are rated for up to 200,00 hours of use. So if you take a while to take your lights down for the season you are in luck because they will still be working well into June. The bulbs are not glass but rather made with a near indestructible epoxy and their is not filament to burnt out.

So picture that guy who sings about rigging up the lights in the 12 Pains of Christmas song. He’d have nothing to complain about. His line about “one light goes out, they all go out.” Nonexistent with L.E.D. lights. L.E.D. lights won’t be a drain on your electricity or your wallet as they are extremely efficient and use only 10% of the electricity required to power traditional incandescent Christmas lights. That is going to save you money during the holiday season. And that is something to smile about.

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