Road House (Deluxe Edition)

Honestly is there anything better than Roadhouse? This movie was awesome. And the deluxe edition looks to be fantastic, you know why? Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier of View Askew have a commentary track on the movie. Pop Culture Gold!

So get your butt down to the Double Deuce and order a cold one. Kick Ass action is on the menu.

Road House (Deluxe Edition)

In all honesty I liked the movie when it came out but it has become such a punchline/punching bag for comedy that you have to watch the movie for yourself.

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3 thoughts on “Road House (Deluxe Edition)”

  1. “Be Nice”

    I need to get this DVD. I loved that the Jeff Healey band was in the movie. Did you know that there is a sequel that went direct to video. The story is about Dalton’s son.

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