Rock, Paper, Scissors, Ion Blaster?

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Hasbro is jumping into the Rock, Paper, Scissors game. Their new offering is called Bot Shots. Back in the 80’s Hasbro did the same sort of thing with Battle Beasts. Instead of Rock, Paper, Scissors there was Wood, Fire and Water. The Battle Beasts made use of the rubsign stickers that were popular on the Transformers figures in the 80s. The Bot Shots are okay. They use a Sword, Blaster and Fist as the symbols. Blaster beats Fist, Fist Beats Sword and Sword Beats Blaster. That makes little sense to me. I would think that Blaster would beat the Fist and the Sword. Sword would definitely beat Fist. I can’t imagine fist beating anything. At least Battle Beasts made sense. Fire burns Wood, Wood floats on Water, Water douses Fire. Makes Sense. Bot Shots, nope.

I think that Hasbro would have been better served to relaunch Battle Beasts than create these Bot Shots. With the technology available now to make the figures really detailed and beautiful these would be a huge hit with collectors. Bring back the Rubsigns and build a following around these figures. Don’t get me wrong, I love Transformers and I picked up three Bot Shots, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Starscream. The figures are okay, not great. To play you select your figure, set it to Blaster, Fist or Sword. Then you roll the figures at each other so that they hit each other and transform. Transformation is hit or miss. The figures don’t transform consistently. The figures are decent, better detailed in robot mode than in vehicle mode.

There is also an online game for Bot Shots. You sign in and create an avatar. Then you choose your bot to play with. You can play through levels against the computer. The battle begins and you have to match symbols in order to play moves. So you match two blasters and your bot uses a blaster, two swords the same thing and two fists the same as well. You can’t play too much right now but the rest of the site is coming in May 2012. It is somewhat entertaining but again I wish that Hasbro had relaunched Battle Beasts.

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