Rocking out with the First Act Acoustic Guitar

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I received a First Act Acoustic Guitar for Eva. She loves music, dancing and singing. So we were playing with her Transformers Rescue Bots and Eva took out the guitar and started singing songs to me about Optimus Prime and the rest of the bots. She made all the robots turn towards her and gather around “the fire” so she could sing to them. She was so cute. Where she got the concept of singing around the campfire is anyone’s guess. She’d hand the guitar to me and I’d sing Transformers songs back to her. I love her creativity and imagination.

Here is one of her songs.

We have no clue how to play guitar but I am thinking about learning. I think that Eva would take to it as well. So we’ll see what happens but I’ll certainly encourage her if she wants to pursue it.

Eva took this shot

The First Act Guitar is wonderful. It fits Eva’s hands very well. She does have to grow into it a bit but it will be a great guitar for her to learn on. It came with some cards that show you where to put your fingers when you try to play chords. There are also stickers to go over the string posts that tell you the notes. Is it notes? I don’t know enough about guitar to speak intelligently about it. I just like to strum and make up silly songs for Eva. Eva does the same stream of consciousnesses thing too and I love it.

Here are some details about the First Act Acoustic Guitar.

Super strumming! Perfect for the beginner, this 30” acoustic guitar is sized to fit young players.


• Classic hardwood body
• Comfortable to play
• Great sound and projection
• Hardwood neck
• Low string height for excellent playability
• String post covers
• Learn-a-Chord cards help kids start playing right out of the box!

I’ve tried it out with the chord cards and I’m not sure I am doing it right at all or what it should sound like. I’ll have to check out some sort of program to learn the guitar. Eventually if Eva wants to learn we’ll think about lessons. But first we’ll try to learn online.

Disclosure: I received a First Act Acoustic guitar to test and review. The opinions about it are 100% mine and as always whatever Eva says it her own opinion as well.

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    1. Thanks Justin,

      We’ve been singing Transformers themed songs for the past few days. She also sings some Zac Brown Band songs. She loves Chicken Fried.

      I bet your sister loves the guitar.

  1. Not only is this a great idea, but the videos are cute too! This is a great way to get kids to learn how to play the guitar at an early age.

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