Rocky Balboa

Tonight I took Dad and Erik to see Rocky Balboa. Overall I liked the movie a lot. I thought that many of the things that critics disliked I really enjoyed. I like movies with a plot. I didn’t need to see Rocky fighting throughout the movie. This was a movie that Sly had to make. This movie shows Rocky going out with dignity. Rocky 5 did not do that. Rocky 5 was the worst of the series and should be removed. Rocky Balboa was a very good movie in my opinion. I liked the things that Rocky said, maybe it was sappy and nostalgic and hokey but man it made me feel good to see this movie and that is what you want with a Rocky Movie. You want to be lifted up by the heart of Rocky. And that is what this movie did. Yes there was a lot of reminiscing and exposition and very little of the fight. The movie was about the fight and it wasn’t. It was about Rocky coming to terms with things changing and not letting it change him. I was thrilled to see the montage of training and felt it could have been longer. The fight was great. I wont say what happened at the end but it was well worth watching. This was a great capper to the Rocky Series.

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