Rusty Rivets
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We were lucky enough to receive the Rusty Rivets Rivet Lab playset and the Jet Pack set for free from SpinMaster to play with and review. Opinions of these toys are 100% our own. I am also including some Affiliate Links to so that you can pick up your own Rusty Rivets toys.

I like the Rusty Rivets television show. The show is about creative young boy named Rusty and his friend Ruby who is also creative. They make things by recycling other things that they have around. So, they are constantly creating and recreating things to help them solve their problems. Rusty has created vehicles, a giant dinosaur and so much more. I was excited when Andrew became interested in the show and even more excited hearing about the toys that were being released. Here is our unboxing review video of the two sets that were sent to us.

The Rivet Lab

The one thing that I wasn’t too happy about with this set was that the locking mechanism for the Rivet Lab to make it look like a toolbox and to be able to carry it around was hard to open. I didn’t do it correctly and I ended up breaking off a piece. I tried super gluing it back into place but it didn’t work. So I just took the clip right off the set. Now the playset cannot be carried as a toolbox. This will most likely not be a major issue since Andrew will play with it more as a playset than anything else.

Andrew and the Rusty Rivets Toys

Andrew was very excited to get to play with these toys. He even received an additional set for his birthday, the Blaster Tank. I then went and found two additional sets at Toys R Us for him for Christmas. He’s going to have plenty of parts to make all sorts of his own creations.

Rusty and his Jet Pack

The connecting system for the parts of the Rsty Rivets line is pretty simple and easy to use. spinMaster has created a bunch of parts that go together easily and will allow your child hours of exciting creative play. You can pick up your very own toys through and my links below.

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