Photo-A-Day #2469

Today we went to lunch with my Aunt Candy. Allison and Eva usually go for lunch with Aunt Candy. This time I came along as well. Eva and I met Allison, Andrew and Aunt Candy at TGIFridays. We had a nice meal and then Eva and I went off looking for Skylanders. They are sold out EVERYWHERE! I know we already have a bunch of them but I’m excited about playing some of the other ones. Each figure has special moves. The game was done so well.

Andrew really has been smiling a lot. I was trying to get a few photos of Andrew Smiling but apparently I could only get the one where we looked sad.

Looks like we’ll be a MAC family sooner rather than later. This morning the computer would not turn on correctly. I got it working again but still, it is time to make the switch. So I’ve been obsessively looking for all the specs on the computer. I’m trying to decide between two models. We’ll see what happens next Wednesday when we go buy it.

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4 Responses to “Sad Monkey”

  1. […] Tweet that Chris Sorel posted about a photo of Andrew the other day. He said that the stripes on my sad little monkey made him look like a sad dwarf. So today I saw a Dwarf LEGO minifig on a desk and had to take the […]

  2. Mindy S says:

    Aww, what an adorable little guy. I love this pic!

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