San Diego Zoo

I have never been to San Diego but I am hoping that work will send me on a trip there and I hope to get a travel day while in the area. For me a Travel day is a basically a free day where I can travel to the next location for a demo or spend time at the location of the first demo. If I happen to get lucky enough to have a travel day in San Diego I am going to take a look at some tours in the area.

I love to explore places when I travel, no matter where I go. However most of the time I go to east chi-pip and end up staying at the local crap hotel. San Diego however holds many possibilities for adventure. One such adventure that I have wanted to go on is the Trolley Tour and a visit to the San Diego Zoo.

I love Zoos because I love photographing the animals. The San Diego Zoo is an amazing zoo and is one of the top places that I want to visit. I’ve been to the Tulsa Zoo, and our local zoo but to go to one world famous zoo would be amazing. Also I bet I’d have a great time photowalking while taking the Trolley Tour.

I looked up the prices for tours and I found Trusted Tours and Attractions. Trusted Tours and Attractions has some pretty great prices for tours all over the country. We will be heading to Florida in March and I think I’d like to try one of the all day party boat tours in Key West. On this tour you can do a variety of watersports throughout the day including kayaking.

I have the opportunity, and so do you, to win 4 tickets to the tour of my choice in the city of my choice through Trusted Tours and Attractions. All I need to do is sign up for their e-Newsletter before December 14, 2007. You can sign up to win as well. All day party boat in Key West here I come.

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3 thoughts on “San Diego Zoo”

  1. The San Diego Zoo is my all time favorite zoo. It’s a definite must if you do ever make it to San Diego and you must take your daughter, she will love it at any age!

  2. I will most certainly make sure that she is with me if I ever make it to the zoo. Thanks for the feedback on it. I knew it was a great zoo, nice to know that other folks think so as well.

  3. The San Diego Zoo is great. I think you will really enjoy it. You might want to check on visiting the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The animals are out in the open and it is an amazing experience. They offer several options for tours: riding a tram, or electric cart, or a Segway.

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