Santa Knows What?

Photo-A-Day #1709

For the past 3 years Allison and I have been getting our Christmas Tree from the Boy Scouts of Troop 23. A quick trip over and we picked out a nice six footer. The boys there do a very nice job and the trees are always decent ones. We’ve had some really good luck over the years. This one is another fantastic one.

Decorating it was interesting. We’ve never done this with a little one underfoot before. Sure Eva’s been around but the past few years she hasn’t been as active or mobile as this year. Getting her to sit still while we did the lights was ‘fun’. Then she wanted to help with the ornaments but didn’t want to actually put them on the tree, she just wanted to give them to Allison. however, she only broke one of them so we did pretty well overall. Eventually she hung a few of the ornaments up on her own. I think she really enjoyed the experience overall.

After we did the big tree we set up Eva’s personal Christmas tree. She is just about as tall as the tree too. She had more fun decorating this one. She loves all her little ornaments and she has some very nice ones. Two new ones were added this year including her little angel and her tinkerbell one. Here are a bunch more Christmas Tree photos that I took today, and some from last year.

Tomorrow we go and meet Santa.

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6 thoughts on “Santa Knows What?”

  1. Sounds and looks like a great time. We did our tree the day after Thanksgiving and She our 2 yr old loved helping. This was her first Christmas where she could help and she was really excited to help.
    .-= Look at what Rob wrote blog ..Top Ten Holiday Movies =-.

    1. Rob,

      Eva is very excited about Christmas too. She is loving the Christmas movies however certain parts scare her. We watched Prep and Landing and now she is not happy about any reindeer because of “thrasher” Dasher’s not oft talked about brother. I loved that character, it scared her. Oh well, live and learn. Glad to hear your Christmas activities are going well too.

    1. Deborah,
      A small artificial tree plus some tiny ornaments shouldn’t be too tough and then the kids get one small special ornament each year to build their tree.

  2. Ben that’s just too cute. The first thing that came to mind was “That tree couldn’t be much taller than her.” Glad to hear ya supporting the Boy Scouts. I was in the scouts myself. I am a Eagle Scout (once an eagle, always an eagle). We sold Christmas Wreaths instead though. Happy Holidays! –

    1. Hi Matt,
      First off thanks so much for the comment. I checked out your blog and love that you have the love of Lego. I do as well and can’t wait for Eva to be old enough to play with them with me. I was in the cub scouts but didn’t stick it out because of other things growing up but I did enjoy my time in the scouts. We find that helping out a local cause is one of the better things that we can do each year. Happy Holidays to you as well Matt, I hope that you come on back from time to time. I might even get up some Lego posts. Check my archives for a miniman post and the photos from that.

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