Saturday Morning Snuggle Time

Photo-A-Day #3130

I came home to find this on the couch. The kids were all snuggled up together watching cartoons on Sprout. That is something I miss out by working on the weekends. Can’t come home and veg on the couch snuggling with the kids and watching cartoons because I have to sleep. If I did that I’d fall asleep on the couch and then wake up and be unable to go back to sleep. It is a trade off because I get the whole rest of the week to be with the kids.

Although, I didn’t sleep well today and did spend a little bit of time with Eva checking off all of the Skylanders figures that we have in our collection so far. Now that she is in school she doesn’t get as much time with me like she did when she was in pre-school.

She’s doing very well in school, though. She just got awarded the Super Bee for outstanding behavior. Super Bee is a big deal and I know that Eva tries really hard at school to have Super Bee Behavior. She did so well on All Saints Day in Mass that she even had a special note sent home.

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