Saturday, Shopping Day

Photo-A-Day #1793

I decided to take the weekend off from posting but not from taking photos. This weekend was all about spending time with the family and it started off with a trip to BJs as a family. We had shopping to do.

Ever since we started Financial Peace University we’ve made a huge trip to BJ’s at the beginning of the month with a long list a ton of coupons and a plan to get things done. Allison puts together a month of meals and puts together the the menu and the shopping list. By having this list we are saved from the dreaded “What’s for dinner?” question. It hate that question and always have. Of course I’ll make a meal out of stale Cheerios, ketchup and and some Ho-Hos so honestly I’m not much of a help.

Okay that isn’t really true. I do enjoy making meals and cooking and my favorite is grilling. Finally it is grilling weather so we will start doing more of that next month.

Our trip to BJ’s was good and we saved pretty good with our coupons (we always use coupons). After BJ’s we went home quick and dropped off the food. We didn’t have lunch planned so we splurged a bit and had lunch at McDonald’s. It seems that we’ve been there often lately and that will stop too with the meal plans. Not that I am the foursquare mayor of McDonald’s or anything.

After McDonald’s a quick trip to Stop & Shop where I see that I was unseated as Mayor on foursquare. I couldn’t believe it but when I investigated further I saw that apparently there are two entries for our Super Stop & Shop. I wonder if I can get that fixed.

A nice night at home and catch up with a few of our DVR shows like Chuck and Burn Notice. The season finale was pretty cool, can’t wait for the next season.

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