Saying Hello

Saying Hello
Photo-A-Day #1405

The cows are from the farm up the road. I took photos of them today for my Dad. He raised cows when he was younger, he even built a barn when he was 15 years old. It still stands today. He builds things to last. Anyway he had quite the day so this photo is for him.

There are also horses up there but they are on another farm. Each day when I come home and see the sun setting and looking awesome I want to go up to the farms to see if there are any horses or cows out because I love taking shots of them. Here is one of a horse from up on the farms.

Painted Sunset

When I got home Eva and my mom and Allison were out in the driveway. Eva was wearing the cutest new jacket that she got from Mimi. So we played “chase” around the driveway. Eva likes “chase” especially when we play it around the house, she’s not that fast yet so we have to “run” slower. I run around one side of the bed and duck down and hide, then she comes around the side of the bed and finds me. I jump up and roll across the bed and hide on the other side. She giggles like crazy and runs around the other side of the bed and I do it again. I do this till I am to tired to do it anymore. It is so cute when she says “chase”.

I love my new coat

Another thing that makes Eva giggle are dolphins. She went to Sea World with our friend Mo when we were at IZEAFest last year. I’m hoping that Eva gets a chance to get to go to SeaWorld again soon. And to help ensure that I am entering the contest at I know that tons of people will enter but I have been on this winning streak like you wouldn’t beleive so I figure what the heck, worth a try right?

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10 thoughts on “Saying Hello”

  1. Drew,
    I’m usually a lurker *hanging head in shame*, but I just HAD to comment on this post. That second photo (the horse) is absolutely amazing! It looks like a painting. That photo is one that deserves to be framed and hung on a wall for everyone to enjoy. Absolutely gorgeous!
    Aren’t you glad I de-lurked in order to pay you all these compliments this morning. hehe

  2. Thanks Misty Dawn,
    I see your avatar from time to time and I appreciate the comments thought and you should de-lurk more often. I was very pleased with the second photo. The horse is so beautiful. I didn’t spend much time taking the photos because I had to rush home. So I am so glad to have gotten that image.

  3. Drew, great pictures of the cows and the horse. That is a nice area and we are fortunte to have such a senic area so close by. It is a great spot to catch beautiful sun and moonsets. I love Eva’s new coat she’s so cute as usual. Im gald yesterday is behind me, thanks for all your help and surport.

  4. Dad,
    Not a problem at all. We’re here to help just ask. Not that we could have done much but we’d still do what we could.

    I love going up by the farms. I should do more of that.

  5. Hi Dina,
    Allison and Eva will be heading to Orlando. Eva will be spending her time with Auntie Mo, they will probably hang around SeaWorld because when we go there Auntie Mo wants to take her there and we couldn’t be happier. Once the conference is over Eva will be with us for the Blogger takeover day. So we will get to meet you this year if not before.

  6. Mo,

    She will really enjoy seeing you again, and so will we. She loves her Auntie Mo so much. And she loved her time with you at SeaWorld.

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