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I went to the Time to Play showcase on Friday and while I was there I got two very fun toys from the upcoming movie Wreck-It-Ralph. I got a Ralph figure and a Vanellope von Schweetz figure. It was too big to hide and Eva saw it and immediately wanted to open and play with it. I has just coming home after spending 6 total hours on a train and a 6 hour work night 1am – 7am and I needed sleep. I’d been up since 5am Friday morning. I didn’t open it Saturday morning or Saturday night but today when I came home Eva was all about wanting to play with Vanellope.

I made her a deal. If she would pick up her toys from her playdate yesterday and be well behaved for Allison all day then we could discuss opening it. I mean, I go to a toy conference and come home with a ton of new toys what kid would be able to wait to play with them. So, tonight after dinner I opened up the package for her and she flipped.

Before dinner she was running all around the dinner table saying “Vanellope von Schweetz!” over and over while Andrew giggled hysterically. How could I not open this for her.

I’m hoping that Eva gets excited about seeing the movie because that is something that I’d like to share with her. I’ve loved video games nearly as long as I’ve loved Transformers. Seeing this movie that brings so many old school arcade game characters to life is as Andrew Kardon of Mommy’s Busy, Go Ask Daddy, puts it Toy Story for the Video Game Geeks. And that really is the vibe arousal this movie. So I’m hoping that Eva will transfer her joy for this toy to wanting to see Vanellope on the Big Screen.

The toy is pretty amazing though. Very well done with over 30 sayings from the movie. she also comes with a brush and a couple of colored hair extensions and hair clips. Eva put them in her own hair later and Allison sent me a shot of Eva being Vanellope von Schweetz before she went to bed.

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2 Responses to “Saying Von Schweetz May Cause Explosive Laughter in Baby Brothers”

  1. Allison says:

    Who is that big girl in that picture? Our Eva is a little girl!!

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