School Days Ahead

Photo-A-Day #2348

For some reason Richard Scary and his characters always remind me of school. Specifically they remind me of pre-school. I know that when I was little I loved Richard Scary’s Busy Town. This little car with Bananas the Gorilla is at the Capron Park Zoo. Eva is excited and also a bit nervous about her first day of pre-school tomorrow. We’ve had quite a few talks about what her first day will be like.

I’m very excited about her first day as well and of course a bit nervous on how I am going to react. Will I tear up, will I have to be pried from the doors and asked to leave. Will I be fine with it. Well, we will see. First off is school and then we’re taking Eva for a celebration lunch at House of Fortune. Tomorrow will be a day to remember.

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3 thoughts on “School Days Ahead”

  1. I think you’ll be more nervous than Eva. After all, your baby is taking another step toward growing up! I predict that at lunch, she’ll talk non-stop about her new best friend, as well as the teacher, what kind of toys and games they have there, etc. She might be a little scared at first once you have to leave, but I think she’ll be fine. If she’s already had a chance to meet the teacher, that will make it easier.
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  2. We dropped our 4 year old (Jake) off at JK for the first time. His sister is in grade 1. Mommy and I were definitely more nervous than he was, he couldn’t wait for some new toys and new buddys. He didn’t miss a beat “Bye Mommy, bye Daddy” – and he was into his class.
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