Scott you Swambled and won, I Swambled and Lost…

So a while back my online pal Scott e-mails me about a startup that he is working on called Swamble. It is a mobile site where users can place bets on anything and offer prizes of things other than money. I placed my Swamble and bet the Swamble world that if Transformers had a better opening weekend than Spidey 3 then they would have to write about all of my blogs. If I lost I would have to write all of their blogs.

Despite the box office juggernaught that the Transformers movie was I t did not beat Spidey 3 on the opening weekend. I got the cold hard facts at Box Office Mojo. So now my Swambly self needs to pay up. I’m going to do this post about the man, the myth, the legend …. Scott.

Scott busted onto my scene through the Wallhogs BIG blog. Scott wanted some BIG photos of mine to display on the Wallhogs BIG blog. I have completely lost track of how many of my images Scott has featured on the Wallhogs BIG blog but there have been many and he’s always given each one a BIG write up.

But Scott also has a personal blog called ScottPot. This is a blog where Scott can be his totally BIG self. He has a BIG personality and like to go BIG all the time. I just know he’s a guy that you want to have to a party because he will bring BIG life to it.Whether it is hanging out with his two dogs Beaux and Luke, Any hood sliding door climbing for those pups? Or just having a good time living life Scott finds some of the Internet’s BIG happenings and he blogs about them. Scott is also one of the guys behind the website He bet against me and won. And today he sent me this link from Tech Crunch – Care to Swamble on That. Yep, that post talks about my bet and my loss. Too bad I didn’t get a link off that post.

Anyway Scott you won fair and square. Till we Swamble again.

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4 thoughts on “Scott you Swambled and won, I Swambled and Lost…”

  1. Heck yeah, Drew, thanks, man. You are a good sport, Drew. I appreciate your kind words about me, Drew, and Gerard and I are proud to have you as a part of Swamble.

    Better luck next time in Swamble Town, Drew. Just playing, just playing, buddy. But, seriously, BRING IT!


  2. Reminds me of something I heard this morning on the radio. They were talking about the Van Halen tour coming up and how a website should set up a betting pool on how long the tour till go before they cancel it! haha! Great post.

  3. Scott, I will swamble another day for sure. I just have to think of something worth Swambling for. “Consider it Broughten.”

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