For my job I am in and out of hospitals. I normally have to wear a suit. But back about 4 years ago I arrived at the hospital I was going to be working at for the week, but my luggage did not. I found myself without any clean clothes because my carry on was full of equipment and these were the days before I would pack everything into a roll aboard. Because I had no clean clothes the hospital loaned me some medical scrubs. These were so comfortable and all week people thought I was a doctor. I never scrubbed in or anything but I could tell they knew I’d be ready if given the chance. I was able to keep that pair of medical scrubs and I really enjoyed wearing them around. Wearing scrubs isn’t just for the medical profession anymore it is becoming a popular trend for people to wear them during their everyday activities. There are so many great looking and colorful sets that I can see why people would be attracted to their wear. If I can find myself a pair of tropical themed scrubs I’ll get some for the Jimmy Buffett concert this year. I can be the Dr. of mixology.

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