With the onset of the internet many people could get expensive items for a good price. Sites like EBay and other auction sites started popping up all over. But finding the best price also became harder. I wanted to find a good way to locate the items online that I wanted but I didn’t want to pay through the nose for. I stumbled upon a site called AuctionSHARK and just like a shark, this site never stops. It constantly searches the waters of the net to find the best deals from over 5,000 online stores.

My test for this was to look for an item that I already owned. I wanted to see if AuctionSHARK could beat the price that I got when I bought my Nikon D80 DSLR. I think I paid about $1300 (with the help of my in-laws, it was a shower gift for me of course so they could have tons of baby photos.) So I ran Nikon D80 through the search on AuctionSHARK. Here are the search results for a Nikon D80 DSLR. Now that was just a quickie search and I immediately found a refurbed one for $879 with the 18-135 Nikkor lens, that is a major find. When I bought mine I ended up with Sigma lenses, they are adequate but give me the real thing anytime.

I then registered with AuctionSHARK and by doing so I could generate my own searches that will run automatically based on my criteria. so I can keep an eye on specific lenses that I am looking for to increase my lens farm for my camera. Once I registered I reran my search and this time I can set up an item watch. With an item watch I can see what a specific item is doing as it is in the auction. So, when the time is right I can bid on it if I would like to.

I also noticed that with my searches I not only saw online auctions but online stores, with this tool I can quickly see the store with the best price. No need to be spending a bunch of extra cash that I am not going to have. So I will use AuctionSHARK on my next online technology purchase. I bet I save a good amount of cash.

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