See How They Sparkle

See How They Sparkle
Photo-A-Day #1333

Dad put up the Christmas lights this past week. I was out shooting the Moon (heh), Venus and Jupiter. The three heavenly bodies are in a tight formation. When I arrived home I looked up and could see them quite well so I took this shot with my camera and telephoto lens. I took it freehand without the tripod and this was the best of the bunch.

Moon, Jupiter and Venus

With the tripod I got nothing great but then again by the time I got the tripod I was unable to see the moon anymore and waited till it came out from behind some clouds.

Moon, Jupiter and Venus in Clouds

Short post tonight as I need to finish the 2009 Photo-A-Day Calendar and announce the winner of a free copy.

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8 thoughts on “See How They Sparkle”

  1. That really is a great picture. I had no clue any of it was happening either until I saw a picture of it earlier from a pal in Oz. Crazy stuff. I can’t see a thing here all cloudy tonight, foggy too.

  2. Other guy was Breckin Myer. Are you sad that I know that – because I am. He does a LOT with Robot Chicken…also with Seth Green. I thought they were good…it was just the whole “hero speech” that I could have done without. I get the point of it…it made sense…I just think the writers could have done a better job. Especially considering how kick butt the rest of the episode was…finally! I wonder if I liked it because Nikki/Jessica/Freezer Girl wasn’t seen at all…that’s probably it!!

  3. I know who he is, just blanked on the name. Believe me I’ve watched shows just because he was in them I like him, he’s funny. I’m also a Robot Chicken fan, Allison said that she could never get those 15 minutes of her life back after she watched the show.

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