Sepia Dreams

Minnie in Sepia
Photo-A-Day #2149

No big anything tonight. Just a photo of Minnie Mouse in Sepia tone.

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10 thoughts on “Sepia Dreams”

  1. Hi Drew: I don’t know if you remember me (probably not), but I won a couple of prizes from your Swagsgiving. In the box, you had a letter in there asking me to tweet about my prize & ling to the SwagsGiving Post where you announced that I was the winner etc… because you wanted to get the word out as far as possible that you’re the guy who can do giveaways, and get us even more great stuff. Well, you got lost in the shuffle my friend, and I apologize. I found this letter in a pile of papers in my rack next to my desk. If you would like me to help you advertise this year’s (if you’re doing it), I would be more than happy too even to say I was last year’s winner. Just let me know. Thanks again. Awesome photo by the way. You do have an eye for a great pic!
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    1. XmasDolly,

      Thanks very much. I’m doing contests all over the place now. You can see the button at the top of the page that says, I give away stuff. I have many more things to give away.

  2. Funny. I saw you email go by and thought … Hey Drew tweeted for me the other day lets go see what he’s doing and here I am.

    That’s a GIANT Minnie mouse!! love Sephia. I’ve always loved my Kodak and remember how easy it was to use and that it took great pictures without me doing much.

    As for saving my photos i thank goodness I have a Seagate!! Saved me more than once from loss of everything when my computer crashed

    Take care and thanks for the tweet the other day I do appreciate it. Since moving to wordpress I took a huge hit in google pr and have cried ever since.
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    1. Tricia,

      Sorry to hear about the Google hit. I took one when I moved from blogspot to You have good content and it will get you back up quickly. Try not to dwell. Hard work and good people do well online. You will be great.

      I love my Seagate products. they are fantastic!

      Eva picked that out on our last Disney Trip. She loves it.

  3. Love the photo. I would not have guessed it was a Point and Shoot. Also I was looking at your profile and saw that you are on cape. My husband is a 1992 grad of Falmouth. If you look at the website I link you will see his info.
    Look at what Karen wrote blog post ..Why Apple TV Matters

    1. Hi Karen,

      Thanks for finding me. Yes it was a point and shoot. I’ll have a full review of the camera at the end of the month. I’ve used it for all photos this month except for one of them.

      I spend time on the cape during the summer. We have a place in Falmouth. I was a 1992 grad of Bishop Feehan in Attleboro, small world.

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